Vagabond Shoemakers introduce its first shoe in wood

Vagabond Shoemakers proudly presents the iconic sneaker Paul made in a recyclable cherry wood Ligneah material where all components are from vegetable origin. The men’s shoe is part of Vagabond’s Atelier: a forum for innovation and creation, where the company dares itself in the aim of more sustainable production.

This project is a follow up on the successful launch of the rst Atelier project with the non-animal collec- tion. We see each season as a challenge and opportunity and are always inspired by sustainability work.
It is also where we can work with product development outside the company’s general collections”, explains Marie Nilsson Peterzén, co-founder and creative director at Vagabond Shoemakers.

For Vagabond producing non-animal options is an important step towards less strain on the eco-system. However, they won’t stop there. Technical innovation and the development of materials that are not only non-animal, but also more environmentally friendly, are now made available for shoes. In the manufacturing process, thin sheets of wood are attached to a cotton base, using a technique where resistance and durability is assured. To make the wood material soft and “leather-like”, the surface is then
micro laser etched.