Tayroc launches first ever range of unisex fragrances

British lifestyle brand Tayroc celebrate the exciting new launch of the brand’s first ever range of unisex fragrances. Launching in September 2020, the Eau de Parfum fragrances will be available in six intoxicating scents. Encompassing the fruity, to the floral, the spicy to the woody and everything in-between, the 100ml scents, priced at £98.00 will be available online at www.tayroc.com

The scents, named Poise, Quest, Expedition, Journey, Elegance and Style each have their own unique personalities with invigorating notes that capture the essence of nature.

POISE: exudes bursts of tangy grapefruit and rich cedarwood before an earthy warm base of patchouli, orris, pine and amber.

QUEST: has notes of zesty lemon and juicy mandarin on top, this fragrance has a soft floral and aromatic heart before a warm patchouli base.

EXPEDITION: leads with fresh mint. This aromatic fragrance features a heart of lavender and rosemary. The base consists of warm tobacco, sweet vanilla and oud.

JOURNEY: explores a bright fragrance with notes of grapefruit and bergamot, before a bold warm heart of pepper and hemp. Cedarwood and amber are heady base notes.

ELEGANCE: opens with sweet citrus notes before a heart of bold pepper and geranium. Rich patchouli, warm cedar and vetiver complete this scent.

STYLE: Is a refreshing spicy fragrance with notes of grapefruit, mint and cardamom on top. The warm heart of nutmeg, cedar and lavender leads us into a woody base of sandalwood, vetiver and moss.

Primarily known for its stylish and contemporary range of timepieces, fragrance is Tayroc’s first venture into new product categories, under new management.